Jesus wants you to have eternal life.

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Sometimes you may miss the mark and fall short.

Jesus is right there pulling for you and praying for you.

This is what He did with his Disciples.  James and John approached Jesus and questioned Him about who would sit at His right and left hands.  They wanted to know how to become great.  They wanted to know how to be better than others.

James and John both missed the mark.

Then, later, Jesus told His followers that He was leaving them.  As a consequence they were deeply troubled.  But, He informed them not to worry because He was going to prepare a place for them.  Thomas did not understand and he asked Jesus how could any of them know the way.  Jesus replied, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”  Philip then requested that Jesus show him God so that he could believe.

Philip and Thomas both missed the mark.

Have you ever focused on being better than someone?  Have you ever been guilty of ignoring God operating in your life?  Have you ever ignored the blessings of God and only focused on what you lacked?

If so, you have missed the mark.

Jesus knew that James, John, Philip and Thomas were all flawed human beings.  They did not understand the power of love.  They did not understand that Jesus represented the universal love of God for all the cosmos.  How did Jesus respond to all of their shortcomings?  How did Jesus respond to their ignorance and selfishness?  Jesus prayed for them.  Jesus prayed that they may possess eternal life.  Jesus described eternal life as really and fully knowing God.  He prayed that God may live in them and they in God.

They missed the mark and Jesus prayed for them.

Jesus wants you to have eternal life and that God would dwell in you and you in God.  Jesus knows that you miss the mark sometimes, but, He has already given you eternal life.

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