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Rector’s Message

The Good Mother

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It is hard to be a perfect mother.  No it is impossible.  However, today we remember and celebrate the perfection within our moms.  Let us celebrate the things that our moms did for us that only she could do.  Let us celebrate the things in our memories that make us smile or cry with joy.

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day.

We recognize all the moms in our lives: the fun moms; the strict moms; the new moms; the moms who adopted us; the moms that God has given us and; the moms we have adopted.  Motherhood is a sacred bond with a person who holds our hands and later who holds our hearts.

Many of us have said goodbye to our moms.  But, that connection is still as strong as ever.  Our moms are our first protectors and advocates.  God sent God’s only begotten Son into the world to be our protector and to send us the Advocate.

Jesus wants you to know that you are protected and loved.

Jesus healed a blind man and the religious leaders were shocked that He had that type of power.  They believed that He was a magician or trickster who had come to deceive the people.  But, Jesus looked at them like a parent looks at a child and gave them an example of the Good Shepherd.

The concept of a Good Shepherd may be quite foreign to our modern urban imaginations.  It may be better for us to understand Jesus as the good mother.  A good mother loves us and protects us.  However, she also teaches us and guides us.  As we grow into adulthood she prays that her lessons have not been lost on us.  She wants the best for us: To lead lives that are both full and meaningful.

Jesus is just like a good mother.  When we fall down and scrape our knees for the first time it is the love that our moms pour on us that is more healing than the salve or the bandage that she places on us.  Likewise, Jesus wants to make us whole where we are broken and strong where we are weak.

Today we remember all the mothers in our lives.  We remember the perfection that is motherhood.

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