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Rector’s Message

Rector’s Message – May 18, 2014

There is Power in Name

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Jesus wants His followers to face life with spiritual courage. Spiritual courage requires that we recognize that God sent Jesus to tell us about how important and how special we are. Jesus wants us to face life with hope and optimism.

He has given us the power to always have hope.

Jesus knows that we all have challenges in our lives. Sometimes the things that we hoped for and worked for fall apart. Sometimes the people in our lives behave in ways that hurt us or disappoint us. Sometimes people leave us both voluntarily or involuntarily. We are left sad or dejected. In the midst of our sadness and dejection Jesus has a special message for us–have courage.

Jesus has given us the power to always have courage.

My brothers and sisters you know the way! It is easy to forget. Even Thomas and Phillip both Disciples of Jesus had their doubts. Jesus loved them and reminded them–I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. He said if you see me you see God. If you are looking for God follow me. Jesus has revealed to you the path. What is the path? When Jesus said these words to his followers He had just finished washing their feet. The path that He reveals is the path of love, kindness and gentleness.

We have the power to choose the path of love.

It is easy for us to become overwhelmed by life. There are enemies in the world who want to do harm to us. It is quite possible that we have created our very own enemies. I believe that the path Jesus has revealed to us is the key to defeating our enemies. We can conquer them with love and genuine affection.

This is a powerful message.

However, this may be a very difficult lesson for some to accept. Perhaps, that is why both Thomas and Phillip had their reservations about the path / method that Jesus had revealed. Jesus’s response to their reservations was almost too unbelievable–just believe. He tells them–and He tells us–just believe in the Father. Believe also in me. If you can’t believe then just look at the power. Look at how Jesus has worked in your lives. Remember how Jesus has delivered you.

There is power in remembering how Jesus delivered you.

I believe that Jesus could see that they did not accept the nuance of His message. So he made it really clear. This power that Jesus has, has been given to us! Anything that you ask in the name of Jesus will be given to you! The ultimate power resides in the name of JESUS. Just call out the name of Jesus and something spiritual and metaphysical will happen.

Call out the name of Jesus and you will be saved!

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