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Rector’s Message

You can’t keep a good man or woman down.

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On Pentecost the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples and they began to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in every language.  This is when the Christian Church was really born.  But, what was so important that had to be communicated in every language?  What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?

God is telling us that God knows sometimes life feels overwhelming to you.  You may feel that your problems are huge and your barriers are many.  Life has a way of holding us back by loading one problem upon another problem.  Your small problems may begin to pile into increasingly larger problems.

Jesus wants you to know that these issues–no matter how large or small–cannot and will not hold you down.  Even death will not have the last word.  Furthermore, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is not the end of the story.

Shortly after Jesus defeated the grave He appeared to Mary.  She was so overcome with excitement that she held on to Him and begged Him not to leave.  However, it was time for Jesus to ascend to the Father.

Jesus wants you to know that nothing can keep you down!

  • No failure can keep you down!
  • No heartbreak can keep you down!
  • No set-back — no addiction  — no affliction can keep a child of God down.
  • Not even the people who love you can keep you from what God has planned for you.

Jesus rose from the grave victoriously, but, then He saw the disciple cowering in fear.  They saw what the power structure (the system — the government — the Jews — the Romans) did to Jesus and they were afraid that they were next.  Jesus came to them to give them strength and confidence.  At this point Jesus gave them the Paraclete also known as the Holy Spirit of God.  John (20:22-23) tells us that He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are retained.”

Note: Other peoples’ sins are retained by you. They are yours.  You have them.

If you want the Holy Spirit to give you power–a power so strong that you can overcome the grave, then you must forgive.  This is the purpose of the Holy Spirit to give us power.  However, our power is limited when we hold on to the sins of others.

Brothers and sisters, once you let go of the sins of others, it will be impossible to keep you down.  You can’t keep a good man or woman down and you cannot keep a child of God down!

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